Bowral 2023

Bowral Painting and Drawing Classes

The popular workshop has been running since 2013.

Under the direction of Anne-France (A-F) Fulgence you will safely use and explore a range of materials, media, techniques and equipment, and engage in studio practices that express and explore personal concepts. You need to be interested, focussed and passionate about art.

This class is a time to reassess and evaluate the very nature of your work, and to discard old methodologies and procedures in your practice, that may be limiting your progress.

Risk-taking and experimentation have always been a vital part of making art. This painting course is for those who have or want to start an art practice and are seeking to expand all aspects of their work.

Mixed media drawing, how to loosen up. Basic colour theory, how to keep it simple. Traditional and contemporary techniques and materials. Go beyond your creative block. Develop skills that you always wanted. Experiment with your creativity. Design something stunning. Learn new techniques and methods. Make new friends.

  • Where: Bowral Art Gallery, 1 Short Street, Bowral
  • When: Thursdays.
  • Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm.
  • Participants: Maximum of 9 participants.
  • Materials: A list will be emailed to the candidate upon enrolment.

Contact Anne-France or contact Fiona Fudge 4861 4093 for enrolment and enquiries.