The man of today is abusing nature like there is no tomorrow. We are destroying so much and not giving anything back.

The Australian land that I paint from my studio is vivid, menacing and compelling and ever shifting. I watch the changing weather and changing seasons from within the mountains of Kangaroo Valley, where I live. I like to take photographs of those moments, then using digital programs, I exaggerate the light, and contrast. It is like painting poesy, dark poesy. I want the darkness to make the light look brilliant, and luminous.

I do not sketch. I work rapidly in oil. But I am meticulous, and demanding. On my first travel to Australia, I was reminded of the place I was born, Morocco. In that beautiful wild land: I loved walking for hours along huge cliffs, while I could hear the roar of the Atlantic Ocean below. I loved sitting for hours and contemplating the changing weather.